Important Information About This Summer’s Wholesale Show

Last year we had our first wholesaling event the day before the summer show started (on Friday afternoon, after load-in).  For a first crack at a totally new side of UCU, we felt like it went really well and we look forward to trying it again for year #2!  However, after hearing feedback from both the wholesale buyers and the vendors who took part in the event, we have decide to make some changes.

This year the wholesaling event will be held on MONDAY, the day after the weekend show.  Why?
  • Some of our vendors chose not to participate in the wholesale portion, which left empty spaces in the floor plan on Friday afternoon, resulting in some sad buyers.  Monday wholesaling leaves the option for vendors who do not want to participate in the wholesaling event will be allowed to leave Sunday after the show and we will bring in new vendors who DO want to participate.
  • Many buyers thought a cash and carry possibility would have been nice.  This way, you could perhaps make that available, as you won’t have to worry about holding back your inventory for weekend retail shoppers.
  • Some vendors did not seem ready for the wholesaling portion of the show, but did it because they were there and already set up.  For this second run, we want EVERYONE who participates to be ready and knowledgeable about wholesaling, and well equipped to handle questions and orders.
  • Seattle traffic tends to be horrible on Fridays which made it really hard for many of the buyers to make it last year (which resulted in unhappy vendors, who noticed that some of their favorite buyers never showed up, even though they had registered!).  Monday traffic, on the other hand, tends to be your “normal” Seattle traffic and since you’ll already have your booth all set up, we can start the event earlier in the day.
Does this mean you HAVE to stay and do the wholesale show on Monday?  Nope, not at all!  This gives everyone the flexibility to choose whether they want to apply for the regular weekend show only, both the weekend and Monday wholesale shows, or even just the wholesale show only (based on availability).
Be sure to read over the application very carefully as you apply, to ensure you are applying for the portion of the show you are intending.

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  1. Diane
    March 20, 2014 at 6:39 pm (11 months ago)

    I love the wholesale show idea! However, if its held the Monday after the retail show… Hopefully most of it is sold and so what is left to showcase in a wholesale show???


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