Yes!  If you want to vend with the Urban Craft Market at the SSFF this August, you are in the right place!  This application is valid for BOTH shows, and you will see an option at the very bottom of the page where you can let us know whether you are applying to one of these two shows, or both.  If you plan on applying to the SSFF Urban Craft Market ONLY, the booth fee will be a flat $199, with no commission taken, and many of the fees you see below for our regular show will not apply.

Urban Craft Uprising 2015 Summer Show Application

  • The Urban Craft Uprising is a juried show. All applications must be received by March 27th at midnight. You will receive an email letting you know whether you have been accepted to this show on April 12th.

    Please take time to read our FAQ before applying. It contains all the information you need to know in order to successfully apply to our show.

    You may have noticed our summer show is one day longer than our winter show. Please read up on this post if you don't already know about our summer wholesale event.

    Food vendors are required to have a Temporary Food Service Permit at their booth during the show. Read up on our FAQ about what this entails and how to apply for one (simple online application) if you have never done so before.

    Please note that there is a non-refundable $10 application fee to have your work juried for the Urban Craft Uprising. This is the only payment you will be asked to make until you are accepted to the show. At that time, you will be sent an invoice via Paypal (to the email address you provide in the appropriate space below) for your full booth fee.
  • Contact Information

  • Business Information

  • Booth Fees

  • Craft Description

  • Almost done! Once you submit this form, you'll be taken to a payment page, where you'll pay your $10 application fee.

    Then, check your email for a confirmation email from us (this is different from the PayPal confirmation you'll receive). There you'll find instructions for how to upload 5 photos of your work for us to use when jurying your application. Please note: We highly encourage you to make 1 of your 5 photos be a shot of your booth display!

    In case you can't find that email, here are instructions for uploading your photos:

    To submit your 5 photos, click here, and log in to our Dropbox uploading tool with the password "pickme". Upload your 5 photos. Be sure they are named correctly, otherwise we won't know who they belong to! If there are any problems with your photos, Kristen will email you to request a resubmission.

    Photo submissions must be:

    • no more than 500 KB per file
    • in JPG or GIF format
    • HIGHLY encouraged to have 1 of your 5 photos be a shot of your booth display
    • include file names using the following naming scheme:
      • mybusinessname_1.jpg
      • mybusinessname_2.jpg
      • mybusinessname_3.jpg
      • mybusinessname_4.jpg
      • mybusinessname_5.jpg
    By clicking on the Submit button below, you agree to the Urban Craft Uprising policies set forth in our FAQ.