Urban Craft Uprising :: Seattle’s Largest Indie Craft Show

July 12th & 13th, 2014

11am – 5pm BOTH DAYS

Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

Summer 2014 Postcard

How Do I Get There?


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For those of you have never attended our show, the entrance to the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall is located at 321 Mercer Street (right beneath the Ballet, and wheelchair accessible!)

suggesteddonationAs always, attending UCU is free to the public! However, you will see a donation box as you enter the Ex Hall, and on the raffle table, and we appreciate any amount that you are able to give.  Your donation helps to offset the cost of the show and enables us to keep this event free for the public, so that everyone can attend (and so that you have more money to spend on our amazing vendors)!   Thanks so much!

So Many NEW Vendors!

That’s right, we have nearly 40% new vendors at this summer’s Urban Craft Uprising, so even if you’ve been to all of our shows before, there will still be new, fresh booths for you to check out.

booth map

Click map image to download full size PDF

This version of our booth map highlights all these new vendors (and sponsors, too!), as well as the layout of all the vendor booths, so you can get a headstart on planning your route.  If you want to research any of these vendors a little more, the vendor list on our website lists them by category, with links to each business’ website or Etsy page.


You’ll find cosmetics, wooden toys, beautiful artwork, kits, jam, jewelry, soap and more — we have it all!  There’s a little something for everyone, whether you’re shopping for gifts, some stylish new additions to your home, or treating yourself to some handmade goodness, this show is so well rounded and will be exciting for the WHOLE family!

shop local We can’t describe enough our love for Seattle.  UCU is so lucky to be in a city that really supports the show and our vendors; with everything going on in the world, this support is truly important.

We all know the benefits of shopping local abound: you’re keeping your money circulating in the local economy, you’re directly supporting others and their families, and you get to interact with the producer of whatever you’re purchasing — which is a bonus whether your biggest concern is the quality of the product, the sourcing of the materials, the creative process, or just making a connection with someone in your community.

By shopping at UCU, you have the chance to shop local, on a huge scale!  We’ve done all the legwork of getting all these incredible local crafters and designers under one roof, so you can have the one-stop-shop experience, without the big box store.

Tell all your friends, your family, your baristas, your favorite bartenders, everyone you know, that you are attending UCU and encourage them to do so as well.  You can’t even truly imagine the awesomeness until you’ve been there yourself, so get on FacebookYelpTwitter, or your blog and tell your people where you’ll be keepin’ it local December 7th and 8th!

free swag bags
This will be our largest winter show to date!  By popular request, we will not be adding any business cards to these bags, so they’ll be full of only goodies!


This year we will also be handing out numbers to the first 100 fans in line (a ticket of sorts), so no one can cut or disrupt those that devotedly wait in line for hours.  We did this for the summer show, and it worked beautifully! Hopefully we’ll have a nice weekend so you won’t get too cold waiting in line, and it will be a fun experience full of anticipation…and perhaps you’ll meet a new friend or two in line!

Tell Your Friends!

tell your friendsWe love our fans, because you all consistently show us that you’re as excited about the show as we are!
We do everything we can to get the word out about the show, but love any extra love from our vendors and fans!  Tell your friends where you will be July 12th and 13th on FacebookYelpTwitter, etc!  Be sure to join the event on our Facebook page as well!

Keep an Eye Out

new vendorsHave you heard that we have nearly 40% new vendors in the upcoming winter show?!  So may incredible new crafters for you to meet.  How will you know who’s who?  There will be handy little signs at each new vendor’s table so you can easily spot those making their debut appearance at UCU.
$5 items
Also, keep an eye out for this one:
This is a little sign that will be at many vendors’ booths, letting you know that they have super-affordable $5 items for sale.  Who doesn’t love a bargain?!

credit cardsWith the wonderful technology out there today, most of our vendors are totally equipped to take debit or credit cards.
However, we cannot guarantee this for all vendors!  Be sure to bring both cashand your cards so you won’t have to run out for more. (Although, there is an ATM machine close to the venue in case of emergencies!)